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Taiwan's new generation NextDrive Lianqi Technology and BiiLabs use Tangle (IOTA) to create Asia's first "real-time green energy trading platform"

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Taiwan's new generation NextDrive Lianqi Technology and BiiLabs use blockchain to create Asia's first "real-time green energy trading platform"

NextDrive Lianqi Technology, a Taiwan-based energy IoT innovation team , recently announced that it has partnered with the decentralized ledger technology startup BiiLabs to invest in energy blockchain applications, aiming to create Asia's first instant green energy trading platform” . NextDrive has made great achievements in the energy field in recent years. It relies on the independently developed world's smallest Internet of Things gateway, Cube, to help users save energy and successfully enter the Japanese power market, and has obtained orders from many well-known power plants including Central Power.
"Users understand electricity" is only the first step. The real goal is to let real-time green energy trade and move into your daily life." NextDrive Lianqi Technology CEO Yan Zheyuan said firmly. Unlike most of the block chain applications, NextDrive the cooperation with BiiLabs, adopt a Tangle is the underlying architecture of the IOTA , to create a " block chain + Things" virtual energy trading platform, to lead a new shared economic and ecological.
IOTA has recently partnered with many international companies such as Bosch, Fujitsu and Foss Motors for its recently high-profile blockchain technology solutions. Recently, the IOTA Foundation also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Taipei City Government Smart City Office. Zhu Yizhen, co-founder of BiiLabs, said, “The special thing is that it solves the major drawbacks of the past blockchain wasting energy, slow transactions and the scale of application cannot be effectively expanded .”
NextDrive saw the “ e-commerce opportunity” in Japan’s annual output value As well as the increasing demand for energy trading after the liberalization of electricity, the plan is to create an energy trading platform based on the IOTA blockchain to solve the dilemma of past information asymmetry in energy trading, complex contracts, and low transaction efficiency.
The electricity sales operators, solar power generators and general households who join the platform will be able to conduct real-time trading of electricity through mobile phones on the information-transparent energy exchanges, without having to improve the information closure problem as in the past individual inquiry. The decentralized book transaction can not be tampered with, it will effectively protect the rights of buyers and sellers, but also eliminate the complicated contract signing and time-consuming manual review process. More importantly, IOTA can solve the problem that the past blockchain is difficult to handle. And the drawbacks of frequent trading .
NextDrive Linked to the energy blockchain platform to create a new sharing economy
of “IOTA+Internet of Things” to make the flow of electricity more efficient, and the long-established Taiwanese new venture NextDrive Technology in the energy field decided Introducing IoT technology into the IOTA decentralized book with universal usability, and using energy as the first breakthrough, intends to bring energy transactions to your daily life.
NextDrive has been in the Japanese energy market for many years, and the main product Cube (IoT Gateway) is widely acclaimed in Japan. It can be connected with smart meters to analyze the power consumption status of homes and the power generation efficiency of solar power generation. Understand the "value of electricity."
In Japan after the liberalization of electricity, private power trading is commonplace. Especially under the promotion of the government's decentralized power grid, buying and selling electricity has gradually evolved into a model similar to general commodity trading. However, under the existing mechanism, because there is no unified energy trading platform, the buyers and sellers still have difficulties such as information asymmetry, complicated contracts and low transaction efficiency.
By combining IOTA and the Internet of Things, NextDrive is expected to build a blockchain-based energy trading platform to solve the innate difficulties of past energy trading and solve the problem of the past “small transactions”. "The problem.
When the small transaction problem is solved, it means that the Internet of Things application can be actually popularized in the blockchain. As NextDrive plans to build an energy trading platform, I believe that in the near future, more and more related services will come to the fore, and this means that blockchain applications are beginning to slowly enter everyone's life.
The new decentralized book IOTA
IOTA without miners and no energy waste is based on the new decentralized bookkeeping technology Tangle. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum's blockchain mechanism, it uses “Block”. The “Chain” decentralized autonomous operation network adopts a user verification mechanism, so the commission of the miner verification can be saved, and the blockchain data is not tamper-evident.
In addition to the need for miners, another advantage of the Tangle architecture is "more immediate trading." Currently, Bitcoin can only complete 3-5 transactions per second, while IOTA can complete more than 30 transactions per second. The user verification mechanism, so the transaction speed will grow positively as the user increases. Faster trading will help to apply in the field of small transactions. After all, if you just buy a cup of coffee, most people don't want to spend time waiting for verification.
Through BiiLabs' technology, it can effectively assist more applications to quickly and easily take advantage of the blockchain without having to build a complete set of technologies and teams from scratch.
IOTA's instant, suitable for small transactions also brings more possibilities to smart cities. The Taipei City Government signed a memorandum of cooperation with the IOTA Foundation at the beginning of this year, and plans to introduce IOTA into the “Digital Citizen Card” as a citizen identification, electronic voting and more Internet of Things applications.
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