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@VentureBeat: French tobacco shops will sell Bitcoin and Ethereum starting January 2019 by @obrien

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@VentureBeat: Britain's Bra Baroness will sell apartments in her new $326 million Dubai tower for bitcoin by @obrien

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Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.

Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.
Make money just by working on your computer: the rise of electronic currencies, in the wake of bitcoin, can be a little dream, especially in times of crisis. We tried the experiment. Wealth at your fingertips? Not for everybody.
Reading time: 6 min.
We have known at least since March 2013, with the soaring Bitcoin (BTC) price during the closing of Cypriot banks: electronic currencies, it has not much virtual. Since the creation of the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto serves as a safe haven, a playground for speculators, interests the States and even makes it possible to pay for his trip to the space where his beer, bigger world would dare to pretend that it only serves to buy prohibited substances on SilkRoad - if it ever was.
At the end of November, James Howells was mocked a lot, this Brit, caught in a household frenzy, inadvertently threw a hard disk containing 7,500 bitcoins, the equivalent of 4.8 million euros. A small fortune now lost in the depths of the Docksway dump near Newport. Nevertheless, before causing the consternation of the global Internet, Jamie still had the nose to undermine the BTC at a time when the experience mobilized a handful of hardcore geeks.
Since the rise (sawtooth) bitcoin, each unit currently weighs more than 800 dollars, nearly thirty cryptocurrencies have emerged. Is it possible, this year again, to let this promising, volatile and risky train pass, or to fall into
  1. Choose your electronic motto.
  2. All are based on the same principle: to summarize (very) big features [1], the issuance of money is governed by an algorithm, and the new corners put in circulation reward the resolution, by participants in a network of peer and mathematical problems, including the validation and archiving of transactions, which are public [2]. Mining a cryptocurrency is like putting the computing power of your computer in the service of the network.
  3. Since the program is decreasing [3], the mining becomes more and more difficult with time (and with the increase of the number of participants): to hope to make his pelote via the only computational activity, one must either have to at its disposal a large fleet of machines, to be a miner from the first hour. Exit the bitcoin, long since out of the reach of a personal computer.
  4. I similarly gave up the litecoin and peercoin, already well launched (they date respectively 2011 and 2012), to set my heart on one of the most recent currencies - and certainly the hippest of the moment: the dogecoin.
  5. As its name suggests, the cryptocurrency favorite Shiba Inus from around the world is a tribute to the Doge, one of the most famous memes of 2013, with its captions in Comic Sans, the font most sorry for the web. A geek joke, therefore, except that - the unfathomable mysteries of the Internet - its value jumped 900% in the third week of December, and she suffered a Christmas robbery online.
  6. Admittedly, at the time when these lines are written, the dogecoin caps at 0.00023 dollars [4] - its quite ridiculous (and quite depressing), but even if you bet on the future, so much to go frankly.
  7. 2. The hands in the engine the billboard.
  8. From there, things get tough (a little). Installing an electronic purse on ones computer is not very complicated (the software is available for Windows, MacOS, Android or, for the more adventurous, on a repository to compile under Linux). It is also possible to use an online wallet, but it is more risky (except, perhaps, when one is called James Howells). When opened for the first time, the purse automatically synchronizes with the Dogecoin network (be careful, it can be long), which gives you a payment address (we can generate more later).
  9. The two most common ways to undermine electronic money are to use the computing power of the computers microprocessor (CPU) or, more efficiently, that of the graphics card processor (GPU). In the first case, the program is simple to install; in the second, it is necessary to choose the most adapted to its material [5]. There are, thankfully, a lot of online tutorials. Still, to operate the corner board requires in all cases to trade the comfort of the GUI for aridity, so confusing to the layman, command lines - we have nothing for nothing.
  10. Finally, at work alone, we prefer collaboration. Mining is best done in groups, or rather in pool: it distributes the gains, of course, but also the difficulty. For the dogecoin as for all the crypto-currencies, the pools are numerous. A quick tour of a dedicated section of the Reddit community site can help you make your choice.
  11. 3. Extension of the field of struggle.
  12. And after? After, we can rest, since it is the machine that works. But the truth of a cryptocurrency - even at the exceptionally high LOL and LOL rates of the Shiba Inu - is cruel and brutal: not all computers are equal. Or rather, some are more equal than others. For while you heat your CPU or your graphics card to grapple some unfortunate corners, others will sweep the game thanks to specialized integrated circuits, computing capabilities much higher.
  13. If the game of buying and reselling corners is basically just another stock exchange mechanism, less the intervention of the central banks - what is at stake, and the big political question they ask: are we certain to prefer speculation pure and perfect to monetary policies, however questionable they may be? -, production, it is the law of the strongest (in calculation). There are even lethal weapons at $ 10,000 each, with which your processors are like mosquitoes in front of an A bomb.
  14. And if you think it does not matter because after all, it does not cost you anything, think again: the components, like humans, wear out faster when they work at full speed, and the bill of electricity can quickly grow. The profitability of the case is anything but certain, as evidenced by the results of online calculators. (Needless to say, our laughing dogecoin does not stand up to this kind of simulation.)
  15. Much more boring, from a collective point of view: the carbon footprint, current and above all expected, of electronic currencies worries more and more. Last spring, Bloomberg estimated that the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network was equivalent to that of 31,000 US households. Not sure, according to the site, that their emission is less damaging to the environment than have been some physical currencies.
  16. For exciting to analyze that is the emergence of cryptocurrencies, it is better to ask now about their cost, economic and ecological. To see it as a potential source of income, except for being a very early adopter with a hollow nose, an individual with a lot of computational capital or a clever trader, you have to make a point.
  17. If the recurrent comparison with the famous Ponzi pyramid [6] is discussed (after all, the decentralized currencies do not make promises), remains that, as long as the value does not collapse, the system benefits mainly to the first entrants - except James Howells.
  18. As the site aptly states: all this is just an experiment, invest only the time and money you can afford to lose. LOLs love was not a worse reason than another to experiment, so I finally submitted my laptop to four days and three nights of intense activity, which makes me happy. owner of a good half a thousand dogecoins. Either the equivalent of 0.115 dollar, or 0.08 euro. It is obviously not worth the electricity consumed to generate them, it increases my carbon footprint, but it amuses my entourage. But laughter is, as everyone knows, a safe bet in times of crisis, less volatile than a real bitcoin.
  19. And then, after all, you never know.
  20. Amaelle Guiton.
  21. 1. For explanations more provided (the case is quite complex), refer, for example, to the series of very detailed notes devoted to blogger Turblog.
  22. 2. And as such, searchable by everyone. It is the identity of the users that is not known, unless they reveal it, hence the reputation of anonymity (relative, therefore) cryptocurrencies.
  23. 3. In the case of bitcoin, the maximum of 21 million units should be reached around 2140.
  24. 4. For a day-to-day follow-up, see the CoinMarketCap site which lists the exchange rates of crypto-currencies, based on the dollar value of bitcoin.
  25. 5. We discover then, unfortunately, that some graphics cards do not allow the mining. This is the case for the author of these lines, reduced to working in conditions of extreme computer deprivation.
  26. 6. Comparison which is at the heart of a hilarious note on the ponzicoin, signed by the economic journalist Matthew OBrien, on The Atlantic (to read if you intend seriously to invest in the dogecoin).
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The founder of BitGo, Will O’Brien has joined GXC as an advisor

Will O’Brien, founder and former CEO of BitGo (provides bitcoin wallet service), has decided to become a GXC’s advisor.
“Will O’Brien is a veteran who has sold Big Fish Games for about 1 trillion won (USD885M) in the past, and so his joining is expected to bring synergy to GXC.”
Read the full article with the following link:
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The founder of BitGo, Will O’Brien has joined GXC as an advisor

Will O’Brien, founder and former CEO of BitGo (provides bitcoin wallet service), has decided to become a GXC’s advisor.
“Will O’Brien is a veteran who has sold Big Fish Games for about 1 trillion won (USD885M) in the past, and so his joining is expected to bring synergy to GXC.”
Read the full article with the following link:
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The founder of BitGo, Will O’Brien has joined GXC as an advisor

Will O’Brien, founder and former CEO of BitGo (provides bitcoin wallet service), has decided to become a GXC’s advisor.
“Will O’Brien is a veteran who has sold Big Fish Games for about 1 trillion won (USD885M) in the past, and so his joining is expected to bring synergy to GXC.”
Read the full article with the following link:
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Everyday Blockchain News:Former Visa CEO Moves to Startup That Uses Cryptocurrency to Process Everyday Payments
Last week, on May 19, former Visa UK and Ireland CEO Marc O’Brien said during an interview with Business Insider’s Oscar Williams-Grut that he has been appointed as the CEO of a cryptocurrency startup called Crypterium.

Everyday Payments

During the interview, O’Brien, who served as the CEO of VISA UK for six years from 2008 to 2014, said that his team is attempting to increase the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether as currencies and legitimate payment methods by allowing users to spend cryptocurrencies on a daily basis to pay for products and services.
He said:
“The idea is that cryptocurrency is actually quite difficult today to use as an everyday method of payment. If you were to go to an exchange with your bitcoin or your ether it would probably take you 3 to 7 days to get that money paid out into a normal bank account. What Crypterium will do is make that whole process seamless and give an opportunity for a consumer to actually use their cryptocurrency to pay for everyday items.”
The short-term strategy of the startup is to leverage the experience of O’Brien in the traditional finance industry and his connections in the credit card service sector to secure a strategic partnership with Visa or Mastercard and release cryptocurrency-backed debit cards.
While many projects and companies such as Xapo, TenX, and have utilized Visa-partnered banks to launch cryptocurrency debit cards, the companies were forced to shut down their debit card services due to the crackdown on cryptocurrency debit cards by Visa in 2017.
Last year, Visa emphasized that it had to close down the debit card services of cryptocurrency startups because the services were initiated without the permission of Visa through third party service providers. There exists a possibility that projects like Crypterium could release official cryptocurrency debit cards in the future if they can cooperate with either Visa or Mastercard directly.
“That card will be attached to a wallet that we’ve created and every time the consumer makes a transaction we will receive a request for that transaction in our systems, we will check the bitcoin or ether account and provided that they’ve got sufficient balance we will execute a trade and mark their bitcoin balance for a trade and approve the transaction. You can be in a store and all of that’s done in a fraction of a second,” said O’Brien.

Starbucks Chairman’s Skepticism

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz has said that he is interested in a cryptocurrency that can be easily accepted by mainstream merchants.
Previously, CCN reported that Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz is interested in the cryptocurrency market and the adoption of digital currencies. But, Schultz stated that he would only be interested in a cryptocurrency that can be widely adopted and embraced by retailers and large-scale merchants like Starbucks.
“I personally believe that there is going to be a one or a few legitimate trusted digital currencies off of the blockchain technology. And that legitimacy and trust in terms of its consumer application will have to be legitimized by a brand and a brick and mortar environment, where the consumer has trust and confidence in the company that is providing the transaction,” said Schultz.
A separate cryptocurrency developed with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems to appeal to retailers is unnecessary if projects can use existing cryptocurrencies with market dominance like bitcoin and ether to process day-to-day payments, even if it requires a third-party service like Visa’s debit card network to kickstart the adoption of cryptocurrenies.
Featured news from network
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Here are today's top news stories in Money & Tech

Video here:
Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas, who was the first member of Congress to accept bitcoin campaign donations, announced at Inside Bitcoins New York that he plans to introduce the first piece of U.S. legislation on virtual currencies called The Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act. The legislation would re-categorize virtual currencies as currency for IRS federal tax purposes. Stockman says he hopes this bill will ""build awareness and create a consensus in the Bitcoin community around government regulation of virtual currencies.""
Also today at Inside Bitcoins New York, multi-signature security company BitGo announced the launch of BitGo Enterprise, a new suite of services for businesses and financial institutions operating in digital currency. As Will OBrien puts it, the service offers enterprise "the power to securely store and effectively manage Bitcoin holdings”.
Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda expressed his doubts about bitcoin at a central bank policy meeting today, saying that “Without safety or stability in its value, there would be no demand. In that sense, it cannot be a currency.” And Capitol Hill is getting its first bitcoin ATM today. A new Robocoin ATM machine will be unveiled to members of Congress this afternoon, where they can buy and sell bitcoin.
Word of a new web bug has spread over the past twelve hours, this time in OpenSSL, which is an encryption library widely used by websites to encrypt and secure internet traffic. The new bug, coined the Heartbleed bug, allows anyone on the Internet to access a service provider's data, as well as users' names and passwords, if their systems are protected by vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. While major bitcoin companies Blockchain, Coinbase and BitPay appear to be safe from this bug, several others are finding themselves at risk. Exchange BitStamp announced today that they are temporarily deactivating account registration and withdrawals while they work to patch their system. And Bitfinex likewise halted withdrawals on their exchange this morning. LocalBitcoins also suffered some recent downtime while patching the bug.
Despite the recent price drop, industry leaders at today's Inside Bitcoins NY conference remain optimistic about the future of the digital currency. SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert remains particularly bullish, telling others at the event that we will be seeing another major price bubble once Wall Street investors gain enough confidence in the institutional infrastructure to throw their money into the pot.
Eric Holder commented on Bitcoin today while speaking to the House Judiciary Committee. He warned that "Virtual currencies can pose challenges for law enforcement given the appeal they have among those seeking to conceal illegal activity." Mr Holder however is not calling for an end to Bitcoin, but instead on keeping the government abreast of the technology saying, "The department is committed to innovating alongside this new technology in order to ensure our investigations are not impeded by any improvement in criminals' ability to move funds anonymously."
Recently, we sat down with Alex Waters of the CoinApex incubator to talk about their latest project CoinValidation, and how it will provide invaluable regulatory support for bitcoin businesses. Find that interview, as well as more information on today’s news stories, at I’m Jered Kenna, and this has been Money and Tech’s daily news update.
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Will O'Brien of BitGo @ Inside Bitcoins NY Blockchain Interviews - Adam O'Brien, CEO of Bitcoin ... Blockchain Interviews with Adam O’Brien, CEO of Bitcoin ... Conan O'Brien: What is Bitcoin? Infomercial - Team Coco @ Will O'Brien & Mike Belshe talk BitGo

Patrick O’Brien: the role of bitcoin in online gaming Gambling is a lucrative business, and online gaming represents a major and rising segment of that business – about 10% presently. H2 Gambling Capital, a firm that monitors the online gaming industry, estimated its global market value to be about $30 billion in 2012. Bitcoin was only trading at around $800-$1,150 at the beginning of January, 2017, clearly showing incredible growth to $8,229.96 per coin in less than a year. Just about every financial professional has an opinion on what way they believe the future of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin will entail, with some like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan ... Bitcoin Solutions is a Canadian-based company with a mission to educate the everyday person around the benefits of decentralized currency. Through our website and growing network of Bitcoin ATMs, we help consumers easily buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in secure, convenient ways. The innovative platform began offering Bitcoin in 2014, and at the time of writing – mid 2018 – eToro has 10 cryptos available to buy outright. These are as follows: Bitcoin; Bitcoin Cash; Ethereum; Ethereum Classic; Dash; Ripple; Litecoin; Stellar; NEO; and EOS. Since the beginning of 2018, the price of bitcoin dipped by 70 percent, while ripple lost more than 90 percent, says Marc O'Brien, CEO at Crypterium, a London-based cryptocurrency banking and ...

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Will O'Brien of BitGo @ Inside Bitcoins NY

Perianne Boring caught up with Will O'Brien, CEO and co-founder of BitGo, at Inside Bitcoins NY to talk about their exciing new developments around multi-signature technology, including their new ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Bitcoin may be too much for puny minds to comprehend; luckily the training video explains all. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the offici... Ashton Addison speaks with Adam O’Brien, the CEO of Bitcoin Solutions, a Bitcoin ATM and service provider based in Canada. We discuss the adoption of Bitcoin... Do you wish there was a more secure way to protect your Bitcoin? Watch Money & Tech's Jered Kenna interview Will O'Brien and Mike Belshe, co-founders of BitGo, a new Bitcoin service that uses ...