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Sergio Lerner: "Nils Schneider discovered in 2010 an optimization of the same kind as ASICBOOST to get 70% speedup in Bitcoin mining...Satoshi added the optimization to Bitcoin source code. This optimization is of the same family as ASICBOOST...Nobody called this an attack.

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Sergio Lerner: "Nils Schneider discovered in 2010 an optimization of the same kind as ASICBOOST to get 70% speedup in Bitcoin mining...Satoshi added the optimization to Bitcoin source code. This optimization is of the same family as ASICBOOST...Nobody called this an attack.

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Can someone do finitely tell me who exactly are the core developers with commit access to Bitcoin?

I've heard different answers overtime and just wanted to know if anyone can clearly state who has commit access to the Bitcoin GitHub page?
According to GitHub, these are the 8 "people" on the repo:
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Is it possible for wallets to request mandatory fee using the Bitcoin URI (BIP 21) scheme?

For those of you who don't know, BIP 21 was developped by Nils Schneider and Matt Corallo and originally proposed by Luke-Jr. As I understand it, so far there are four query labels right now, with a fifth for possible extension:
Motivation: Sharing responsibility between senders and receivers
It has been my experience that more often then, it is unexperienced users who usually make miscalculations in fees. In the context of acquiring bitcoins, they are dealing with seasoned professionals (or applications) that in overwhelming cases put the right fee. However, when purchasing digital products or sending bitcoins to other individuals and companies (them being the sender) they are more likely to omit the fee.
If technically possible, a potential solution would be for the receiver to encode the minimum required fee it requires through the Bitcoin URI, so that in order to omit the fee the sender would have to manually override the receiver's suggested fees.
Speaking from experience, this would prevent a lot of awkward situations.
Any thoughts? Is this technically feasible? Is it desirable? Would it solved any real-world problems?
paging: thebluematt luke-jr
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[Informational] [CC0] The Life and Times of BIPs

The Bitcoin Improvement Proposals or BIPS system is a design framework for submitting, reviewing and introducing changes to Bitcoin in a decentralized way. The framework was modeled off of BitTorrent's improvement system, and it was first proposed by Amir Taaki in August of 2011.
BIPs introduce changes in three ways:
  1. Informational BIPs describe guidelines or formalize design ideas
  2. Process BIPs describe changes in methodology around the development process.
  3. Standards Track BIPs describe network protocol changes, consensus rule changes, or any other impactful protocol changes.
BIPs follow a life-cycle where they are drafted, accepted, and finalized. Drafted BIPs that are not accepted can be withdrawn or redrafted. To update a finalized BIP, a replacement can be submitted to replace it.

Notable BIPs

BIP 0001 - BIP Purpose and Guidelines

Amir Taaki proposed the first BIP that defined the BIPs system in August of 2011. Originally modeled after the BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals and named Bitcoin Enhancement Proposals, the name was changed to Bitcoin Improvement Proposals to avoid an abbreviation conflict.

BIP 0011 - M-of-N Standard Transactions

Gavin Andresen was the first to create a standard type BIP, which outlined a proposal to add a multisig transaction type

BIP 0013 - Address Format for pay-to-script-hash

Gavin Andresen proposed a new address type for P2SH transactions, marked with a leading "3"

BIP 0014 - Protocol Version and User Agent

Amir Taaki and Patrick Strateman proposed a Bitcoin User-Agent standard.

BIP 0016 - Pay to Script Hash

Gavin Andresen proposed a method for creating addresses that supported script based redemption in order to empower multi-sig and other complex transaction types.

BIP 0021 - URI Scheme

Matt Corallo and Nils Schneider adapted Luke-Jr's earlier BIP to formalize a Bitcoin URI standard to make the process of making payments via links and QR more user friendly.

BIP 0022 - getblocktemplate

Luke-Jr formalized a system for sending block structures to hashers instead of just headers, in order to promote decentralization. The system was extended to cover pooled mining in BIP 0023

BIP 0032 - Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets

Pieter Wuille created a concept for wallets to build out a supply of private keys deterministically from a starting seed value, to make backing up and restoring a wallet a simpler process.

BIP 0034 - Block v2, Height in Coinbase

Gavin Andresen proposed a versioning process for blocks and a block version increase to v2.

BIP 0044 - Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets

Marek Palatinus and Pavol Rusnak proposed an increased formalization of the deterministic wallet system for standardization reasons.

BIP 0050 - March 2013 Chain Fork Post-Mortem

Gavin Andresen wrote a description of a problem that led to a disastrous accidental Bitcoin hard fork that led to hundreds of Bitcoins being double spent.


Also known as OP_HODL, Peter Todd proposed a new operation code to indicate that a transaction's funds may not be spent until a specified future date.

BIP 0070 - Payment Protocol

Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn proposed a protocol standard for coordinating the details of a Bitcoin payment, oriented towards the merchant and customer use-case.


BtcDrak, Mark Friedenbach, and Eric Lombrozo proposed an upgrade to the Bitcoin script to enable transaction scripts based on relative time values. Using this opcode, escrow transactions may include timeouts to avoid a scenario in which funds are stuck through a cooperation failure.

BIP 0141 - Segregated Witness

Johnson Lau, Eric Lombrozo, and Pieter Wuille proposed a large improvement to Bitcoin transactions that clearly split transactions so that all of the data related to the scripting and signing of the transaction was separated into its own demarcated section. Splitting this data out fixes various issues, chief among them a problem called transaction malleability in which duplicate versions of the same transaction could exist on the network.
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VIRGINIE EFIRA & NIELS SCHNEIDER - Interview Un Amour ... Interview de Niels SCHNEIDER, acteur pour le film ... Niels Schneider revient sur son César - Le Grand Journal ... Neils Schneider revenir aux sources - Je t’aime etc S03 ... 2 Minuten 2 Millionen / Puls4 - Michael Altrichter

Nils Schneider (a.k.a. tcatm) Pieter Wuille (a.k.a. sipa) Jeff Garzik; Alex Waters; Gavin, who is the lead developer is active here so I'm sure he can give us a clearer answer himself. Also see Is there a list of core Bitcoin committers? Rebranding to Bitcoin Core. To reduce confusion between Bitcoin-the-network and Bitcoin-the-software we have renamed the reference client to Bitcoin Core. OP_RETURN and data in the block chain. On OP_RETURN: There was been some confusion and misunderstanding in the community, regarding the OP_RETURN feature in 0.9 and data in the blockchain. BIP: 21 Layer: Applications Title: URI Scheme Author: Nils Schneider <[email protected]> Matt Corallo <[email protected]> Comments-Summary: No comments yet. “I've been living on bitcoins for more than half a year now,” says Nils Schneider, a Bitcoin developer who accepts bitcoins in payment for the web design and other services he sells. He converts some of his income to US dollars, using sites like, which is run by Mark Karpeles in Tokyo, Japan. Karpeles charges a fee of 0.65 per ... Another, Nils Schneider, puts it more succinctly: "Bitcoin is an experiment to make a 'raw' digital currency. Such a currency does not need supervision." ... "Bitcoin can drastically reduce ...

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