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Webbot Antarctica predictions

Regarding webbot, accuracy of reports were declinging because of the sheer volume of propaganda that started to infest the web around Trumps election. Clif High no longer felt it ethical to continue selling reports as it was basically pure guesswork at this point.
However, many temporal markers from 3-4 year old reports are confirmed hits now(pedo bankers, bitcoin values, UK royals pedo scandal, china riots), this year, meaning the timeline was off by about 2 years from his estimate.
At this rate the predicted Antarctica events might happen in 2020-2021, as well as the Vatican raid, BTC to 100k $, and new energy source prediction.
The silver to 600$ prediction turned out to be the silver of cryptos, aka Litecoin, which did go to 600$ making many people very rich indeed.
Time will tell, but the number of correct predictions this year, in some cases 5-6 years after the prediction, does give me hope this sub might get the information we crave.
Edit with old post of mine giving a synopsis of the Webbot Antarctica predictions:
"The ALTA reports are destilled summaries in changes of pretty much the sum total of english language written openly on the web. Bot's trawl the web and look for trends in how humans choose their words. The idea behind the technology originated when the programmer Cliff High read about experiments at PEAR:
These experiments showed that a group of people shown a random stream of images would react in advance if the next picture in the reel was of a highly emotional nature, sex, torture, death and loss etc.
To give an example of how this works: If asked to describe the pictures free flow style they might describe a red apple somewhat strangely as a bloody apple, if the next picture in the stream was of for instance a bloody corpse, or a lovely rock, if the next picture was a mother and child showing affection. So, the assumption behind the technology is that people tend to subconsciously choose words that reflect FUTURE emotional states.
The bots are programmed to pick up such emotional words and the words associated with them and track changes in them. The bigger the impact of an event on human emotions, the longer in advance our language will reflect that future state.
And one of the biggest, longest standing sets of changes picked up by the bots... Concerns Antarctica.
Can sum up my perception of what the bots are saying for you all since I've read every webbot report and paid attention to this Antarctica stuff in them since early 2K. I will try to use as much of the actual web-bot source language as possible in writing this, so you guys can look for these phrases and words in the news in the future.
There's an ancient civilization under the ice. It's human, not alien. It's connected to the later Vedic/Indus Valley civilization. The Discovery as it will be called will push human history and civilization much further back in time, possibly as much as 500 000 years(for moderne humans, homo sapiens, not first civilization). They were at least medically and philosophically very advanced. There are also indications that there will be technology found that surpasses our own, but not because it would be beyond our capacity. This tech is "brand new", at an off angle to our own, a "never thought of new branch of science" for our current civilization. Words to describe it include "new electrics(Another major long standing set)" "Creeping electricity" "Time as energy" and "field dynamics".
Note: the same words also describe new technology coming from Mongolia, China, India and specifically new mathematics from Africa and Germany. So, there might be a mix up here where these two events, The Discovery and New Electrics/Math happen in the same timeframe.
We will find actual books presumably written in something like proto-sanskrit and be able to read their own words. Their philosophy will have a profound, deep and long lasting effect on humanity, discribed as giving us back our "self-confidence" and "positivity" just in time for a "challenge" "period of climate change", "economic turmoil", "Earth changes" and "Change" in general.
The new generation will embrace the "mindset" of these ancients in dealing with all this chaos, and launch huge projects to "Clean the ocean", "Cleanse the corrupt", invent "new monetary system" and... "Go to Mars".
Later more evidence of this civilization will be found in Ireland(visual descriptors such as "deep caves exposed by erosion in seaside cliffs" hints to this being an actual "liberary" or at least "store of documents" there is even descriptions of "long, deep stairs behind crumbling wall leads to chamber of books" which might reflect a future video or media published photo series fitting this description). Australia("caves exposed by major earthquake "adjacent to precious metal vein" "mining"), and India("cities under water off coast").
The Discovery will catalyze "major reformations" of several major religions, in particular the Abrahamic ones. Islam and Orthodox Judaism will be the most changed.
The Discovery will be the largest "economic driver" of the early 2020's, as artifacts, technology etc gives rise to something of a "gold rush". People will be so "desperate to see" this with their own eyes that they will "enlist in the military on the off chance that they will be posted to Antarctica".
Also, evidence will be found that ice ages can happen much more quickly than we have previously believed and these people who were possibly the ancestors of all of us(ponder the scientific implications here) were basically "flash frozen" like so many of the frozen mammoths in Siberia found with fresh flowers in their stomachs."
"The reports describe this process like cold air being drawn down from the upper atmosphere, almost at the space boundary. There's also descriptors for snowfall so thick you can't walk through it without collapsing under the weight, not the snow on the ground but the snow still in the air. 40 feet of snow in a single night. Glaciers growing daily until everything is swallowed. Crop failures, herds of animals frozen to solid in hours, starvation, pretty "doom" stuff.
This might reflect actual words from eyewitness reports of the Antarcticans, then translated and published for us to read.
It can also be that we will see this happen ourselves as the bots seems to think we are heading into a new ice age, rather than a warm period. However, due to how the bots work, it might all derive from our future emotional reaction to reading the words of the last men in Antarctica.
There is also sets pointing to the future South pole ice cap moving into the ocean off one side of the continent just like how the North pole works(ie floating sea ice with no land underneath) until the actual continent of Antarctica is ice free and starts "greening". Funny enough, people will see this on Google Earth. Start tracking the ice shelf from year to year people!" "
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We need a working mining pool.

As some here are probably aware, Clif High's webbot crypto reports are predicting InfiniteCoin to come back by Fall this year. Reasons mentioned being Bitcoin/eth priced out of range for average humans, and Bitcoin/eth mining the same. So people turn their asics and GPU's towards infinite coin.
For that to happen we need devs and a mining pool. I think we could just as well start with the pool, because devs will need to see opportunity to come back/join.
I'm seeing the uptick in trade and chatter around Infinite Coin around the web(and so apparently did the Web Bots) and I'm thinking this is a chance to make Infinite Coin great again.
So I wonder, is any mining pools still running(all I find on google are dead), and if not, can we crowdfund the resources to get one up and running? I myselfe have an old PC I could use as a server but I have no Linux or server experience.
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News from the world of cryptocurrencies — December 7th, 2017

A rocket called Bitcoin seems unstoppable. Bitcoin scored over $ 2,000 a day and exceeded $ 16,000. The Bithumb South Korean stock exchange has even traded bitcoin at over $ 21,000. Other significant virtual currencies, however, recorded a decline - for example, Ethereum on the BitStamp dropped to $ 410, even though the BitHumb stock price was more than $ 500. The Ripple and Litecoin prices also dropped. For those who would like to exploit the great differences between the cryptocurrency prices in South Korea and the rest of the world - it's not easy. Obtaining an account on South Korean exchange is, for example, dependent on having a South Korean phone number, and it is neither easy nor quick to send the fiat currencies to the South Korean stock exchange (if you manage to set up an account) or to send the fiat money out of the Korea . South Korea also has capital controls - limitations on the amount of money sent / received from the country and into the country.
An interesting situation has arisen regarding large companies and their support for bitcoin payments. While some of the companies have recently announced bitcoin payment support - by 2018, Bitcoin payments are likely to be accepted by McDonald's fast-food chain, British Airways, Betway betting giants and the Amazon internet store, Steam has announced end of the bitcoin support. The reason for this is the large fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate and high transaction fees. Steam accepts mainly small payments and, in the case of small bitcoin payments, the transaction charges are a large percentage of that.
There is also a growing consumption of electricity for cryptomining - the annual consumption is expected to be almost 32 TWh this year. Less energy is consumed by Nigeria, which has 186 million people or by Ireland. And one more comparison: every day, bitcoin mining consumes the same electricity as the whole Haiti per year. If the energy consumption for mining grew at such a dizzying pace, it will consume the same electricity as the entire United States in July 2019, and as the whole world in February 2020.
Further estimates of the bitcoin course in the following years have been said. The highest estimate was given by John McAfee, the founder of antivirus firm of the same name. According to him, bitcoin will be trading for one million dollars at the end of 2020. Tone Vays, a specialist blockchain consultant, predicts the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of 2018. Investor Mike Novogratz, formerly the specialist hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, estimated the bitcoin price next year at forty thousand dollars. Three more specialists, Tom Lee, Clif High and Ronnie Moas, remain more cautious in their predictions, expecting the bitcoin price between eleven and twenty thousand dollars in the next year. Some investors, however, still do not believe Bitcoin and consider it a speculative bubble similar to a tulip bubble in the 17th century in Holland. Who is true? Only time will tell.
For investors wishing to ride a bull trend but not wanting to invest directly in cryptos, there is a possibility to invest in company that is “mining” them. Such a mining company drives mining according to the actual value of each cryptocurrency, so investors do not need to monitor how the market is evolving. Instead of investors, the market situation is monitored by the experts of the company. An example of such a company is the Swiss Envion, which has developed portable containers with cryptomining equipment that can be placed directly at sources of cheap electricity (which is a major part of mining costs).
Envion is now looking for investors who are interested in the idea of cryptomining - the sale of investment tokens begins on December 15, 2017. More information about the whole project can be found at (here is, in addition to basic information, detailed whitepaper, links to various communication channels, etc.) Information about the sale of investment tokens (so-called ICO) can be found at
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3am Chat w/ Clif High - Web Bot, A.I., Future Predictions ... #13 Daily Cryptocurrency Dump Clif High says chill out and stop sweating the Bitcoin Hard fork! CRYPTO TALK! ELECTRONEUM BIG WEEK, CLIF HIGH, COINBASE PROBLEMS Clif High says bitcoin going over $13,000 by Feb 2018 Cliff High 2018 Crypto Predictions - Bitcoin $64K and higher !!! MUST SEE!!!

Why does Bitcoin have Ridiculously High Fees and Slow . By buying $100 in bitcoins on Jan. Clif High bitcoin cliff high was ist dtv bluetooth samsung Webbot Future Price Predictions On Silver, Gold And BitcoinCryptolitics . The currency doesn't seem to know how bitcoin cliff high silberbarren brandenburger tor to slow down. High Times Launches ... Coin Metrics points out that the recent 16% decline in mining difficulty — largely caused by the sharp Bitcoin price decline in the middle of March — is a sign that inefficient miners are ... Even though Litecoin’s value is still stuck around the same level, people remain quite bullish. A new Clif High report indicates good things are about to happen to LTC. The ecosystem has seen major technological developments over the past few months. Moreover, it appears some big changes could come to Litecoin in August of this year. Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account. Internet data mining expert Clif High has just finished an in-depth dive on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. With the latest price spikes in so-called blockchain type crypto currencies, what does Clif High see with his latest Internet ...

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3am Chat w/ Clif High - Web Bot, A.I., Future Predictions ...

Thanks for listening.Please Follow us on youtube for more. This video is made by Cliff High. MY Mining Coin Group REFERRAL LINIK: =====... In this corner we have Clif High and Bix Wier, In the other corner we have Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair and Dave. This is a fantastic. What are the real driving forces behind Bitcoin's volatile price? clif high Bitcoin Webbot, Clif high Webbot Hits clif high report clif high 2018 clif high predictions clif high New clif high bitcoin predictions clif high , Webbot 2018 Charlie Lee Litecoin - End of Year Price Prediction, Clif High's 2018 Litecoin Price Prediction, Clif High, Webbot 2018 3 Amigos john mcafee bitcoin clif high c60, clif high interview, clif high ...