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Why does the Cryptocurrency World feel so "Ghetto" to Me?

The most "ghetto" thing I've seen on a computer for a long time was browsing Tor for the first and really only time. With all the "websites" so generic and vague and basic, like I was looking at the internet when it was first conceived in the 90's or whatever. And yes I realize there is a reason why it's so basic.
The current cryptocurrency landscape is definitely way less ghetto than browsing tor, but I've heard that most cryptocurrency is utilized on dark markets which I guess are on tor. But other than that, there are many instances that make cryptocurrency seem ghetto to me (just an average, non programmer nerd or whatever). I'm very new to cryptocurrency and everything about it so far has been very non-nerd friendly. It's so complicated and complex to just buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies. It's like if you're not a programmehackeengineer don't even bother. Then people tell me to store the coins in a hardware wallet because this will be most safe. Then I look at the two most popular wallets, and one came out years ago and his little support beyond Bitcoin, and the other is out of stock until July. This is "ghetto" to me, or feels not professional or maybe too diy.
Then I look at an official directory of online merchants who accept bitcoin and it's all these random, really crappy looking websites. Like all these crappy looking small biz with terrible websites. It reminded me of when I bought kratom online via the kratom subreddit. It led me to all these really crappy websites that looked like tor quality. And the websites would sell very random objects and I don't even think I could buy those random objects. Then within the website there is a hidden area where they sold kratom. It looked so shady and cheap.
And many of the websites and visual things in cryptocurrency like logos, pics, videos all look so mediocre. I work in the creative visual field, and noticed this. Again it looks unprofessional and amateurish, like the logo was designed by some random dude you pay $10 in fiverr for a logo. I'm not saying a logo or visuals are essential to a legit company, but every major company invests tons of money into things like graphic design for good reason.
I feel like so much in this cryptocurrency world so far has been created by nerdy programmeengineehacker types. The coding and architecture and all that important stuff is probably amazing. But everything else so far seems kind of cheesy, not very average person user friendly, visually designed well, easy to use etc. Like I said I feel like I need to be a Russian hacker to use cryptocurrency and I'm certainly not the only one.
Just my 2 cents from an outsider perspective. But I guess the beginning of the internet was like that. Very not user friendly, hard to use, mostly computer nerds would use it, kind of cheap looking visually, but now it has progressed to what it is today and everyone uses it.
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Major U.S. Retailers are Now Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

Even wondered how you can accept Bitcoin Cash in your shop without having to entrust your employees. Bitcoin Cash Register App was made for that. It transfers the BCH straight into your wallet. Who accepts bitcoin as a valid payment? We look at the companies, shops & stores that are currently accepting bitcoin as payment. Here is the list of the companies accepting bitcoin as payment ... Patreon: Buy & Trade Crypto: Merch: In todays video we talk about 2500 stores now accepting Bitcoin and yes we will also take a look at the Bitcoin price and how the short 4hr chart looks but m... allows you to securely use and accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through our Shopify store plugin. In this video, we walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to ...